Buying from DELL


This website is about my buying experience with Dell. You can probably tell I wouldn't put a website live if it were a good experience. This is a timeline of my communications with them.

I'm not saying "don't buy Dell". Read what's here and make your own judgement.

22 March 2014 The order

I ordered a Dell Inspirion 15R and a Dell Inspiron 17R via Dell's website. They asked for a card number, which I supplied, the bank authorised and everything appeared straightforward.

They sent me a "Dell Order Acknowledgement" email. Points of note:

Your order contains multiple items that may result in multiple Order Confirmation e-mails and deliveries, one for each part of your order. You will receive these after your payment is authorised, so please check your e-mail regularly. If you have not received your order confirmation within 5 days of placing your order, please email

24 March 2014 Check the bank

Bank shows a payment to Dell of £1,198 as a pending transaction. That is, authorised, but not processed.

26 March 2014 Email Dell support as requested

Please could you let me know when I can expect the order confirmations for this order? I can see payment is pending from my bank account, but it's been a little while now.

This is 5 days after the order. Their email did not specify working days.

27 March 2014 Phoned Dell support

I didn't get a response to my email within 24hrs and so phoned. At this point, the bank was no longer showing the payment as pending and there was no trace of it.

Conversation summary:

Me: Where is my order?
Dell: There is some technical issue with your order, someone will call you within 48hrs

No one called.

1 April 2014 Email received from Dell

Thank you for contacting Dell customer care. My name is [removed], your resolution expert. In order to help you better please provide your order number.

I'd already supplied the order number in the email subject.

1 April 2014 Replied to email

The only number I can give you is the one I already have, i.e. receipt GB[removed] (email attached).

Payment was authorised and reserved by Dell, but was never processed so the money has been returned to my bank account. I phoned customer care last Friday and was told there was a problem with the order and that I would be contacted within 48 hours. No one has contacted me.

Please confirm the status of the order, i.e. is it in progress or not?

2 April 2014 Email received from Dell

AS per our records this order is showing as rejected due to some technical issue, i understand this a great deal of disappointment but i can assure you that i would go ahead and help you to expedite the procedure to rebook this order. Please write me back in case you want me to proceed to rebook this order.

Not really acceptable and not the support person's fault. I replied to confirm I didn't want to proceed, for the avoidance of doubt.

2 April 2014 Replied to email

Thanks for coming back to me. I realise this may be a "one off" but I will *not* be rebooking the order. This is the first time in 20 years of buying equipment on the Internet that an order has been cancelled and I've had to phone and email only to find out 1½ weeks later. In this case I'm afraid Dell has been rather a disappointment so understandably I'll be going elsewhere.

All fairly clear.

2 - 4 April 2014 Ordered new laptops

I ordered an Acer V5 Aspire from PC World and an MSI GX60 from Debenhams Plus.

And that should be the end...

9 April 2014 Received order confirmation from Dell

Wait, what? Yes at 23:04 I get a confirmation email from Dell.

This is confirmation of the order they cancelled. I immediately check my bank. No money has been taken.

Received delivery notification from Dell

At 23:54, I get confirmation that my rejected order is being shipped and I'll receive it on 11 April. Yes, really.

9 April 2014 We go to Twitter support

10 April 2014 Twitter DM exchange

Dell confirms the order was mysteriously rebooked, simply saying to send it back, i.e. refuse the order:

11 April 2014 Delivery is attempted

We were out. They put a note through the door, and a redelivery will be attempted on Monday.


The bank declines.

14 April 2014 Delivery is refused

We refuse the package. My wife tells me the delivery chap said that this "wasn't unusual", which is outrageous in itself.

More Twitter DM:

15 April 2014 THEY TAKE MY MONEY

Bear in mind this is nearly a month after the initial order, after they cancelled it and after delivery was refused.

More Twitter DM:

18 April 2014 Still no refund

Kindly wait for the system to be received at Dell

That obviously made me quite cross. So I put this live.

As it stands, they have £1,198 of my money for an order they cancelled without telling me, then rebooked again without telling me. The goods have obviously been rejected (order tracking states this) and they refuse to refund until they receive them.

Easter: ruined.

Thanks, Dell.